Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fifty Years Together

I wrote this in 1999 for my father and mother-in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Their love is so great you can see it everyday.  I have had one vision from the day Jim and I where married (October 24, 1981) that we will grow old together fifty years or more.

Fifty Years Together

What God has joined, let no man put asunder
         fifty years together
                  some wish it
                           some have lived it
                                    some will not be so fortunate
For the young can imagine, the old can remember
         fifty years together
Maybe it began with a glance
         an introduction
                  or a meeting by chance
A marriage starts by two joined as one
         one love, one passion
                  one life, one forever
And through the years, as wife and husband
         are together for sickness and health
                  are side by side in good times and bad
Together they love, honor and cherish
         each other
                  their children
                           their children’s children
Together they share
         their success and loss
                  times when faith was there
                           together no matter the cost
Now it has been some fifty years
         fifty years of memories made, dreams coming true
                  fifty years for others to model after and aspire to
What tomorrow will bring is hard to say
         but together we will be day by day.
                                                 Andrea Keding, July 1999

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MeinLilaPark said...

Very touching... Thank you for sharing this with us!
(And thank you so much that you are a follower of my blog! That made my day. And it's how I found your blog.)