Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Watching Him

I wrote this for my husband, Jim Keding.   He is a wonderful man and life partner.  I could not surive with out him.

Watching Him
I have been watching him for three decades
I would watch him toss the Frisbee on the beach, swing the baseball bat and run with the football.
I would watch him study for his classes in college and do his favorite thing; read.
I watched him during our wedding, waiting, the loving look he exchanged with his mother, watching me come down the aisle.
I watch his eyes sparkle when he says “I love you”.
As the years have gone by, I have watched him
            though good times, hard times, lonely times and family time.
Watching him brings joy to my heart.
Watching him hold and cuddle our children
Watching him teach our children to:
            play, share, love and become young adults.
Watching his love and concern for his aging parents.
Watching him set out on new adventures.
Watching him when he sleeps from a long and trying day.
Watching him for the rest of my life is something I anticipate with great joy.

Andrea J. Keding      20 March 2012

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MeinLilaPark said...

What a wonderful poem full of love!